Darci Releases Debut EP ‘Crazy Beautiful Blackout’

Darci is one of the most exciting emerging acts on the planet, and together with Rance Riley, he’s been releasing singles with replay value that has helped him build a loyal fanbase around the world.

On 8th December 2016, I was listening to some SAINt JHN whilst playing NBA 2K17 on a cold winter night in London. After the last JHN track played, SoundCloud’s algorithm began playing songs related to the Brooklyn rapper — some were cool and some were pretty bad, but there was one song in particular that caught my attention, and some may say, even changed my life. “Come Around”, the debut single by Darci was (and still is), the most alluring and mesmeric song I have ever heard. I instantly connected to the song, I stopped what I was doing and tried to find as much information as I could about Darci — that didn’t end well, as I, unfortunately, found nothing online about this mysterious act. However, I managed to find a quality audio version of the single to play on my old radio show. That was a tough period for me as I was going through a break up with someone I spent a decade with, so in a weird way, I found comfort in this captivating song.

Darci continued to impress with perfectly crafted follow up singles, and he even showcased his versatility with releases such as “Seeing Colors” and “At Least”, which indicated to me that he’d be around for a long time. As an up and coming artist, one of the most important things you need to do is develop a unique sound that people will remember. Darci has been doing this for the past three years — the electronic-centred R&B sound has become a staple amongst emerging R&B artists you often find on SoundCloud.

After many months of teasing a project, Darci has finally released his debut EP Crazy Beautiful Blackout. The EP is entirely produced by Rance Riley, a frequent collaborator and arguably the most underrated producer out there. The EP features four previously released singles “Got U On” featuring Nessly, “Save It” featuring Jutes, “Ghostly” and “Take It Back”, an excellent collaboration with Londoner OZZIE. Like many Darci songs, there’s an overall night vibe throughout, he impresses with catchy melodies and there’s an improvement in songwriting. The three new songs “Play It Safe”, “Serotonin” and “Blackout” will be met with a warm reception by current and new fans. For the fans that have been here since day one, the only disappointment is the song we all wanted to hear, (first song in the ‘Welcome to Darci’ video) unfortunately didn’t make the EP. However, we’ve been blessed with a cohesive, well-produced and an engaging EP that maintains that signature Darci sound we’ve all come to love.

Stream Crazy Beautiful Blackout below:

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