Crsd — New Attitude

Korean-American artist Crsd drops “New Attitude”, taken from experimental pop EP NOISE!

23 year-old Korean-American emerging artist Crsd has moved all around the world his entire life: Houston, Texas to Seoul, South Korea, Anaheim, California, New York City, Bolingbrook, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas— while living in these cities, he picked up all different types of culture and aesthetics. A genre-blending artist known for his work ethic, he recently released his experimental pop EP NOISE! which features the stunning track titled “New Attitude”.

“I made this EP to express my mental turmoil this year. It’s been a tough year for me and everyone around me, so I’ve been trying to find an escape by running away from my problems, but I quickly realized none of it helped. I tried to cope by hiding away and leaving everything behind so I could come back and become someone I could be proud of. I realized that I’m not scared to face my problems anymore. I realized I had good people around me at all times, and that’s what mattered, and with that, I realized that the NOISE! never mattered.”Crsd.

Blending indie, alternative, pop and elements of rap, “New Attitude” is built over a captivating production which matches his melodic rap-sung vocals thus creating an anthemic vibe and showcasing his prowess as a musician.

Stream “New Attitude” below:

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