Colby Lafayette Drops New Single “I’M A FAN”

Boston native, Los Angeles-based artist Colby Lafayette drops new single “I’M A FAN”, accompanied by stunning visuals.

Since October 2020, Colby Lafayette’s emerging music career has reached new heights. The highly-rated LA artist has already garnered support from outlets such as Lyrical Lemonade, Ones to Watch, as well as radio play from Travis Mills and editorial support from Spotify. Having impressed us with the eclectic EP SO BAD, he’s back with his second release of the year “I’M A FAN”. Accompanied by stunning visuals, “I’M A FAN” is another excellent track that once again proves he’s one of the best, and most refreshing emerging artist that really stands out from the crowd. When live music is back, I have a strong feeling Colby Lafayette’s sets are going to be electrifyingly good.

“‘I’M A FAN’ came from this place of being in a toxic relationship and kind of this back and forth conversation between my partner and myself as well as internally. The narratives within the lyrics lend to being infatuated yet hateful towards the person you’re with or the person you are, and in some ways explore the pitfalls to being an artist in both situations” — Colby Lafayette.  

Stream “I’M A FAN” below:

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