Charles Fauna — Ciao

Charles Fauna shares new single “Ciao”

Following January’s heartfelt 80’s influenced pop track “Diner”, emerging artist and producer Charles Fauna is back with another fantastic single. Laced with gorgeous melodies which flawlessly flow over the lush production to create a euphoric vibe, “Ciao” is a dance-worthy emotion filled track that draws inspiration from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, The Weeknd and Bruno Mars. Lyrically, the song is about overthinking, that obsession of both the past and future.

“‘Ciao’ is both “hello” and “goodbye” in Italian which I felt spoke to the heart of this song. One thing ends and another thing begins. Creation and destruction. The cycles of life. At the end of a relatively dark record about loneliness, soul searching and change, Ciao invites the listener, like the protagonist, to shut up and dance”Charles Fauna.

Stream “Ciao” below:

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Photo Credit: Brandon M Young

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