catchtwentytwo Shows Promise On Debut EP ‘Caught in the Moments’

Singer, songwriter and producer catchtwentytwo shows promise on debut EP Caught in the Moments.

Hailing from Broward County, Florida, rising talent catchtwentytwo is one of the most refreshing emerging acts around, he continues to impress us with captivating releases which combine sounds such as soul, R&B, pop and even disco, yes disco. His debut EP Caught in the Moments, although short in minutes, is a solid offering which showcases his immense potential as an artist, as well as a producer.

The EP opens with the standout track and one of the best releases you’ll hear this year, “Won’t Wait Anymore“. The song is lyrically melancholic, however the electronic-centred production which infuses disco, is not only capable of making listeners dance or move to it, but it has this magical touch that makes you feel special and appreciated. Beautiful. “Old Boy” is another great song with catchy melodies and a lush production. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Daft Punk, The Neighbourhood, Toro y Moi and more, catchtwentytwo has delivered a genre-bending EP that leaves you wanting more after the fourth and final track “Serenity”, a song that ends the project in a calm manner.

“This song is simply about serenity, caring. this song means a lot to me because it reminds me of a real situation with someone I know, I will always have love for them even if things don’t work out, because of everything they do for me, from the small things like making sure I’m hungry and holding me, feeling serenity” catchtwentytwo.

Most artist’s music only suit certain demographic, making it difficult to play their music at different social gatherings— for catchtwentytwo, it’s the complete opposite as he creates universally appealing songs that would fit any social gathering. A wedding, the hood, the club, cookout, kids party, anywhere, this young man is arguably the most versatile emerging artist out there.

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