Cassie Marin — Every Time I See The Ocean

LA-based artist Cassie Marin drops new single “Every Time I See The Ocean”

Cassie Marin is one of the underrated artists out there, and although we’ve been secretly watching her come up since she dropped her Love Me Well EP back it 2019, last year she released two singles that really caught our attention. “Tanto” and “Busy Body” are two amazing eclectic tracks that truly showcase her versatility, as well as potential.

She’s back with her latest offering “Every Time I See The Ocean”, a track which effortlessly blends indie pop and electronic, and details some of her most private battles and innermost thoughts. She searches for acceptance in a world where people expect you to remain the same, finding comfort in change, and finding strength in the solitude and pain. Her ethereal R&B vocals float beautifully over the electronic-centred production, instantly connecting with the listener.

“I didn’t have many friends or siblings to play with but somehow the ocean had a presence so strong I forgot about my feelings of loneliness as a child when I would swim the water. I remember daydreaming while swimming underwater and using my imagination in ways that felt so close to magic. I believe that I really do change drastically when I visit the ocean, it’s like taking a vitamin that induces me to refresh and be deeply honest with myself”Cassie Marin.

Stream “Every Time I See The Ocean” below:

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