CARYS Shares Lyric Video For “Some of You”

Canadian singer-songwriter CARYS is inspired by people, by moments and by relationships — her songs in some way have something to do with connection. Her latest single “Some of You” is about her inability to let go of her ex, she wanted to hold on to their love for as long as she could. It’s something many of us listeners can relate to. Despite its emotionally-driven content, it’s a beautifully-sung record with a catchy melody.

“If you can relate to my experience, I hope that you can listen to “Some Of You” and feel understood. although I write from the perspective of pain, it helps me to acknowledge those feelings so I can heal; I hope it’s the same for you. breakups hurt like a bitch, but they happen for a reason.if we look hard enough, we can find beauty in growth”CARYS.

Watch the lyric video below:

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