Canadian Bedroom Pop Prodigy Lily Unveils Debut Single “Heaven or Hell”

20 year-old Canadian bedroom pop prodigy Lily unveils debut single “Heaven or Hell”.

Despite the ongoing global pandemic (kind of tired of mentioning this again), and the lack of concerts and festivals, 2020 has been a fairly strong year for music in general. However not many new artists have really wowed us with captivating releases. Enter 20 year-old bedroom pop prodigy Lily, another promising artist hailing from Canada’s most populous city of Toronto, with her excellent debut single “Heaven or Hell”. Her alluring vocal performance instantly draws you in, as her lyrics explores her own struggles with romance and drugs. Known for making music for people who need an escape, the song could be somewhat relatable for many young women out there who are often pursued by toxic men.

“I wrote ‘Heaven or Hell’ in 2018 when I was in a really messy relationship with someone who made me feel euphoric at times, he gave me drugs, he had money, he took me out, we had great sex but he picked me apart, made fun of my insecurities, made me jealous, to the point where I wasn’t even myself around him. Looking back on it now I was 18 and he was a predator. I ended up leaving the situation but to this day I still have a sort of longing for that person, Stockholm Syndrome if you will. Like the hell they put you through almost makes the heaven sweeter”Lily.

With production by handled by Caleb Jacob, Lily bares her soul and delivers a brutally honest song worth a listen. We’ve predicted bright futures for the likes of SAINt JHN, Darci, Emotional Oranges, Eryn Martin and more in the past, and we believe Lily has what it takes to be a star in her own right. Press play and add this to your playlists.

Stream “Heaven or Hell” below:

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Fresh Sounds 16/02/2024]