Blondes — Beautiful World

Indie band Blondes unveil new single “Beautiful World”

Having generated a lot of traction with their recent releases “Love In The Afternoon” and “The Basement”, Nottingham indie-rock band Blondes make their DNü debut as well as continue the support for their new EP In Separation with their stunning new single “Beautiful World” released via C3 Records / LAB Records.

The track has a summery vibe throughout, and its laced with sticky melodies that instantly draw you in. Their decision to opt for a more euphoric and airy sound this time around has definitely paid off, as they’ve delivered a captivating single with mainstream appeal.

“Beautiful World feels like our first proper pop song. It’s my favourite that we’ve written so far. It’s about our relationship with our environment and each other. We wrote it to speak not just for ourselves but to anyone that finds themselves looking around at our world and wondering just how we’ve become so disconnected from one another and the planet. We hope you like it.” — Alex.

Stream “Beautiful World” below:

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