Bea Kadri Unveils Music Video For “B4WBU (Before We Break Up)”

London-based Lebanese singer-songwriter Bea Kadri grew up listening to mostly pop, hip-hop and R&B from the 90’s. By the age of 20, she was performing in several choirs, playing at local concerts and main festivals. Her latest single “B4WBU (Before We Break Up)” is a sultry alternative R&B number about long distance, love, time and a state of conflict between the heart and the mind. The vocal performance is excellent throughout accompanied by an aesthetically pleasing music video.

“This is a song about wishing time could stop so I could catch up with the reality sinking in that a love I once put on a pedestal needs to end. I’m unable to handle facing the emotions hence the hook “I need a break, before we break up”. This realisation personally came after investing so much time and energy into a long distance relationship that came crumbling down when we finally came face to face”Bea Kadri.

Watch the music video for “B4WBU (Before We Break Up)” below:

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