Bea Kadri Drops New Single “Right For Ya”

London-based Lebanese singer-songwriter Bea Kadri drops new single “Right For Ya”, accompanied by music video.

90’s R&B, pop and hip-hop played an integral part in Bea Kadri’s development as a singer and songwriter, however most of her inspirations such as H.E.R and Jhené Aiko are stars in this current era. The London-based Lebanese singer-songwriter’s strong musical background comes from her experience in performing in major cities such as Beirut, London and Dubai. She has also performed at the BRIT Awards with Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton as a member of their choir. On her new single “Right For Ya”, she exudes confidence throughout as she delivers a stunning vocal performance over a moody production by Jonas Holmark & OFFTRACK. Lyrically, the song goes through the process of questioning what it would take for a guy to realise she’s the right one for him.

“The way I’ve been there… the way we love and laugh and all, it’s different. Still, he doesn’t bring his 100% so the lyrics just poured out of me. I was frustratingly in love”Bea Kadri.

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