BAYLI — 16

Brooklyn, NYC emerging artist Bayli shares new single “16”, taken from her forthcoming EP stories from new york.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, emerging artist BAYLI is a proud School of Rock alum, her music combines pop, R&B, rock and punk, and is delivered with a fierce stylish edge and unabashed confidence. Her new single “16” is a poignant ode to her mother, which originated as a poem taken from her forthcoming debut EP stories from new york, due out 10th September. Overall, “16” is a beautiful song with gorgeous melodies throughout— BAYLI delivers a breathtaking vocal performance and showcases her skilled songwriting skills as she bares her soul on a song dedicated to her late mother, who inspired her to be the strong woman she is today.

“’16’ tells the story of my mom, whom my family and I recently lost unexpectedly. Born an orphan in the UK, my mom immigrated to NYC from London at age 16. This song is a fast-forward through the hardships she faced in the years of her travels and the things she taught us from her experiences. It’s my first ever attempt at some type of memoir-esque writing. ’16’ is about how strong, epic and beautiful my mother is; she is the reason I know how to be a strong woman today”BAYLI.

Stream “16” below:

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