Artists to Watch 2024: ROTW

24 artists from the rest of the world need to keep on your radar in 2024

From Australian hyperpop sensation ALBI. to the Zambian indie pop artist Frankie Phiri, there’s a rich pool of undiscovered and emerging talents around the world. We’ve compiled a list of 24 artists from around the globe, each with fewer than 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and we believe they deserve your attention this year. Among them is Carly Gibert, a Spanish artist who captivated us with her single “DROPPING SEEDS”, accompanied by one of the most visually striking music videos of 2023.

Nigerian rapper DETO BLACK stands out as one of the most promising emerging acts in Africa— keep an eye on her as she’s expected to make a significant impact. 17 year-old Australian newcomer benison is showing great promise, indicating a bright future ahead of him. Hailing from South America, Colombian artist VALÉ’s catchy melodies and standout vocals are sure to captivate listeners around the world. Albanian newcomer Suzy Clue made a strong impression last year with her grunge-infused shoegaze debut “Remember Me”. South Carolina’s Gabriel Jacoby is a talented artist who deserves more recognition, let’s hope he gets the attention he deserves this year.

There’s a diverse lineup of artists from different corners of the world. In the US, keep an eye on alternative artist King Isis, spiderblush, Ryan Hall, Juliana Madrid, and wilo wilde. From France, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB and Blou Feet are expected to make waves this year. New Zealand’s WHO SHOT SCOTT is another artist watching. Canadian artists Blair Lee, memyself&vi and MINOE are three of our favourite artists and we hope they release more music and gain more traction this year. Also, Australian artist bazio, German band NEEVE, Canadian newcomer UNA MIA and Singapore alternative R&B artist/producer Strange Alias complete this dynamic list of artists to watch.

These songs also feature in our EMERGING playlist. You can stream below:


Country: Australia


Country: Australia


Country: Australia

Blair Lee

Country: Canada


Country: France

Carly Gibert

Country: Spain


Country: Nigeria


Country: Canada

Frankie Phiri

Country: Zambia

Gabriel Jacoby

Country: USA

Juliana Madrid

Country: USA

King Isis

Country: USA


Country: Canada


Country: Canada


Country: Germany

Ryan Hall

Country: USA


Country: USA

Strange Alias

Country: Singapore

Suzy Clue

Country: Albania


Country: Canada


Country: Colombia


Country: New Zealand

wilo wilde

Country: USA


Country: France

Featured Image: Carly Gibert

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