Apollo Mighty Drops New Single “Bless My Soul”

Chicago-based artist Apollo Mighty drops new single “Bless My Soul”, a collaboration with The Honorable Hakim Dough.

Originally from Memphis, TN, the emerging artist based in Chicago is known for delivering pure R&B and soulful vocals which infuses both classic and new styled R&B sounds. He’s already been featured on platforms such as dynmk, DJ Booth and IndieShuffle. His new single “Bless My Soul” is a solid offering featuring a strong guest appearance by another Chicago-based artist The Honorable Hakim Dough. Apollo Mighty’s raspy vocals shine throughout “Bless My Soul” over the trap-infused production as he delivers melancholic lyrics and sings with so much emotion which will connect with listeners.

The practice of setting intentions has become an integral part of my life. This saying acts as an invocation of my interiors to move through this life with grace, love, and protection. Protection from those who wish to harm me as well as from old practices that have hindered me in the past. “Bless My Soul” stemmed from a dream that I had where I wasn’t safe in my skin and upon waking I began choosing to be intentional about my energy and manifested the experience that I want to have. I place my life in the hands of something greater and wiser than me and ask for covering in times where I’m unsure and afraid” — Apollo Mighty.

Stream “Bless My Soul” below:

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Photo Credit: Alexus McLane

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