Allegra Neve — Rewind

Australian teenage newcomer Allegra Neve unveils stunning debut single “Rewind”

Out of nowhere teenage multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter Allegra Neve has released one of the best debuts you’ll hear this year. Effortlessly combining lofi indie rock and alternative pop, the Australian newcomer showcases her intoxicating melodies and delivers hair-raising soundscapes on her stunning debut single “Rewind”. She expertly ventures deep into her psyche, showing introspection beyond her years as she touches on her own insecurities relating to social anxieties and the feeling of spiralling out in public situations.

“This single is about crippling social anxiety that can control what I do and when I do it. For me, it’s like the feeling everyone’s eyes are watching and the spiralling out of control feeling I face when walking around alone in a crowd. Like time runs backwards and my thoughts are numb. Trying to look confident but melting on the inside.”Allegra Neve.

Splitting her time between Meanjin/Brisbane and Eora/Sydney, Allegra has already established herself as one to watch in the Australian music scene— she was awarded the Josh Pyke Partnership in 2021 and the Women in Music mentorship in 2022. And a year later, she’s ready to showcase her immense potential.

FFO: The Pixies, Lana Del Rey, Mitski, etc.

Stream “Rewind” below:

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