Zoé Watson — Withdrawals (EP)

Zoé Watson unveils dreamy EP Withdrawals

Born in South-West England, and currently in Paris, France, Zoé Watson is an exceptionally talented singer, songwriter and producer who has gone under the radar in the past two years. She writes most of her music at her keyboard which goes with her everywhere she goes, and also on her laptop. Inspired by the expansive production of artists such as Grimes and the personal, detail lyrics of songwriters Françoise Hardy, she effortlessly combines electronic pop and dream pop with elements of new age and indie.

Her latest EP Withdrawals, is the follow up to the brilliant emotionally-charged Blue Lights EP which featured outstanding tracks like “Watch It Burn”, “Hanging Around II” and “Daisies”. Having written most of the songs whilst in London, Watson finished producing and recording the project whilst working as an au pair isolated in the French countryside during the Covid-19 pandemic. She recorded everything in the attic where she was staying— the name Withdrawals reflects the overall theme of yearning.

The opening and standout track “Rose” explores love and isolation in the city, while “Angel” takes a look at the many positive aspects of working as a dancer in strip clubs, something Watson has done on and off for almost all of her adult life. “Calypso” which features on our main playlist THE NÜ, is about heartbreak and feeling distant when she was around people. The title track “Withdrawals” is a reflection on a relationship that always seemed incomplete and unfulfilled, yet in spite of that, utterly addictive. Watson combines dark R&B with gothic influences on “Mr. Wrong” as she details surrendering to the darker part of her personality and desires. The final song “Somewhere Greener” was written in London when she was homesick for the rolling hills of Devon.

Overall, Zoé Watson has crafted a captivating EP that takes you on a magical journey. Withdrawals is a scintillating collection of beautifully-written dreamy, melodic songs inspired by relatable personal experiences and themes ranging from love, heartbreak, desire to loneliness. She’s a truly gifted artist blessed with a hauntingly beautiful voice worthy of recognition.

“Withdrawals is a project that has deep roots. Most of the songs I had already started writing whilst in London but everything was finished, produced and recorded whilst I was working as an au pair, isolated, in the French countryside during Covid. All of the emotion and ideas, heartbreak, the attempts to reason with the heartbreak, the incompatible longing to still have and to move on, just seemed to condense and distill during this time”Zoé Watson.

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