Zack Cokas Impresses On New Single “PHARMACY”

Raleigh, North Carolina artist Zack Cokas impresses on new single “PHARMACY”, taken from his upcoming project WARHOL.

From a young age, North Carolina artist Zack Cokas has always been infatuated with art, he spent his free time developing his musical skills while recording covers of well known radio hits on the popular Apple software GarageBand. Like many new artists in this current generation, he eventually started sharing his music on SoundCloud before teaming up with his twin brother and fellow artist/producer Cam Cokas. His song “Out the Blue” caught fire within the underground scene, and following the momentum of this release, the rising star went on to release the Young Cack EP in 2019 to a positive reception from both fans and critics. His new single “PHARMACY” is a significant improvement from previous releases, Cokas exudes confidence throughout with a captivating flow and lyricism which touches on his dependence on prescription medication for his OCD, anxiety and depression. There’s an emotional rawness here that doesn’t feel forced, similar to the works of Kid Cudi and a North Carolina legend named J. Cole.

Stream “PHARMACY” below:

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