Yoonha Verse Shares New Single “Next One”

LA-based singer-songwriter Yoonha Verse shares new single “Next One”.

South Korea-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Yoonha Verse’s music is somewhere in between the dark pop sound of Billie Eilish and the soulful tone of Jhené Aiko. It’s evident on her latest single “Next One”, her first foray into rhythmic pop inspired by her exes who took her for granted but are now trying to reconnect— a sentiment most listeners will be able to relate to. She sounds amazing throughout as she delivers a sultry vocal performance on a production that effortlessly matches her stunning vocals. It’s safe to say Yoonha Verse has finally found a sound that could help her generate a buzz and attract new fans around the world. Press play.

Stream “Next One” below:

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