Yoonha Verse Drops New Single “How Come”

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Yoonha Verse drops new single “How Come”.

Minus the BS, life is pretty good. Life can also be a challenge, especially for unsigned and independent artists out there. You may spend hours, days or even weeks doubting yourself— sometimes even comparing yourself to other artists on the same level as you who are gaining traction while you feel as though as you’re not making any progress. However, any musician is capable of achieving success; you just need to have self-belief and work hard. Los Angeles singer-songwriter Yoonha Verse is in her own lane on her stunning new single “How Come”. She delivers a gorgeous vocal performance over a moody trap-infused production as she details her hustle, ambition and purpose as an artist. If you’re looking for a song to inspire or motivate you to keep pushing towards your dream, then this is it. Press play and add this gem to your playlists.

Stream “How Come” below:

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