Yna Shares Dreamy New Single “unaligned”

Queer Filipino alt-folk artist Yna bares her soul on dreamy new single “unaligned”.

Not much is known about alt-folk artist Yna, except she’s an hidden gem with the voice of an angel. Her new single “unaligned” is a beautifully-written song which detail her constant battle of trying to heal and move on from a previous relationship while still missing that ex lover. Built over a minimal production which gradually progresses into an upbeat sound contradictory to the songs lyrics, Yna takes you on an ethereal journey as she delivers a soft and dreamy vocal performance which draws you in right away.

“I wrote this song last year on a Wednesday night, the first of January. And it was voice memo 1882, the first voice memo where I ever cried while recording. I honestly can’t remember the exact reason why I wrote it, let alone the meaning behind every lyric that seemed to come out so naturally that night. But I remember feeling so angry and frustrated at myself, that after a year of trying to recover from a stupid break up text, I still missed her, I still felt lonely, and I still hated myself. I felt so unaligned because there were moments where I felt like I was healing and learning to love myself, but they were met with other moments that found me at my worst. So this song happened, and even though I felt like I was at my lowest that night, I also never felt so proud”Yna.

Stream “unaligned” below:

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