Yes Please Share New Single “Priceless”

Yes Please is a New York-based singer/producer duo comprised of Matt Miggz and Aaron O’Brien (known as APOB). Their new single “Priceless” is an ode to a past relationship where the girl was clearly still in love with her ex. Combining R&B, and bedroom pop flawlessly, the track is a catchy number with an appealing sound that will generate a lot of interest from both commercial and underground music listeners. Press play.

“No matter what I did, said, or showed her, she never told me how she felt and I never knew what we really were. ‘Oh what a life this is, love me/don’t like this shit. Not the one to be fighting with, let me show you what priceless is’ speaks on the complications of the relationship, and how much I wanted to show her how easy it could be, if she loved me back”Matt Miggz.

Listen to “Priceless” below:

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