YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB’s New Single “Young” Is An Ode To Self-Reliance

London-based, French singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB returns with gorgeous new single “Young” — an ode to self-reliance.

Quiet and reserved, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB is one of those hidden gems that often goes unnoticed due to her reclusive nature. Having built reasonable traction from her previous single “All We Have”, a R&B/Garage-infused collaboration with friends HEN$HAW and tmdistant, she’s back with the gorgeous new single “Young”, a beautifully-sung song with shades of bedroom pop and chilled tones of indie and folk music where she takes a moment to celebrate her own individualism.

“’Young’ is about feeling lost, desperate and demotivated while being told that you got your whole life ahead of yourself and that you’ll never be happier. That is definitely how I felt when I wrote it. I think I needed to hear these words, and I needed to hear them from myself specifically, because when all is crumbling around us the only person we can really rely on is ourselves. Through this song I tell myself that things are going to be fine and that I need to hold on, but I also give myself a reality check and pretty much force myself to acknowledge and even embrace my insecurities and weaknesses” — YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Stream “Young” below:


RÊVERIE — end of the world