YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB — Carry Me Away (I Wanna Feel)

French-Cameroonian indie pop artist YAOUNDÉBOXINGXCLUB unveils new single “Carry Me Away (I Wanna Feel)”

A true DIY artist, London-based French-Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB continues her trend of releasing vibrant indie pop tracks built over bright, captivating productions paired with dark and emotional undertones. Her latest offering “Carry Me Away (I Wanna Feel)”, the third and final single taken from her forthcoming debut EP I Thought I Knew You, Boy Was I Wrong, not only has replay value, but it instantly hits home if you take in the lyrics.

Ive always loved songs that had a happy production paired with dark lyrics. After Laughterby Paramore is one of my favourite records of all time for this reason. I think it really represents what it feels like when you have to look happy and joyful all the time but theres all this negativity in your brain and you feel empty inside. With this one I really wanted to emphasise this contrast.”YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB

Stream “Carry Me Away (I Wanna Feel)” below:


Photo Credit: Sorin D Visuals

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