xVenturax Shares Captivating New Single “Crowded Room”

There isn’t much information on emerging 20 year-old singer-songwriter xVenturax, however she has released a captivating new single titled “Crowded Room”. It’s a breathtaking alternative R&B record with a soulful vibe throughout — she impresses with her alluring vocal abilities and a mesmeric melody over a smooth production.

“I wrote this song after I watched a video on stage fright and feeling nervous when in the spotlight. So the man speaking said he made a song that helps him through his fear and he performs it when he feels nervous on stage. So he inspired me to write a song about what it feels like to have those butterflies in your stomach. Then towards the second verse the show is over and it’s to the after party”xVenturax.

Listen to “Crowded Room” below:

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