Who Is Fousheé & Why Is She So More Than A Viral TikTok Song?

‘I been trying not to go off the deep end… I don’t think you wanna give me a reason…’

I am sure you can hear Fousheé’s hypnotizing voice in your head as you read these words. Last year this hook blew up on TikTok attached to the pounding “Sleepy Hallow Freestyle”. It is rare in modern music to blow up anonymously, without years of A&R development, TikTok marketing plans, pre-save campaigns, and everything else that goes into the rollout of any artist trying to make it big. Without a doubt, Fousheé is deserving of this instant fame.

Fousheé is more than an artist, she is an amplifier for female black voices in the industry, who not unlike her, often go uncredited in their artistry. Her sound is one to watch, referencing poetic structures, a touch of several genres that influenced her, and in her words, “always, always the truth”.

At DiscoverNü, we tend to stray away from artists signed to majors, because you know, they get enough press anyways. But I felt so moved by Fousheé, her sound and what she stands for, that I just had to do it. Also, in her words — “Fuck Labels.”

I was recently flipping through W Magazine that featured a short interview with Fousheé, her story of anonymous virality really struck me, although she didn’t use TikTok when it happened she now expresses how useful and unique the platform is for our era of music, in her words the power is in our hands’. Later that day her most recent release, a unique take on the classic “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode released in 1990 came up on Submit Hub. This morning I listened to everything Fousheé I could find.

I’m not here to tell you what kind of artist Fousheé is, or what kind of music she makes. That is up to her, and you the listener, to forget the labels we tend to stick to every artist we find so we can quickly sort them into Spotify editorial playlists. She is unique, ever-changing, and worth every minute of every song she has put out.

Recently she has announced her debut project Time Machine, I am so excited and will melt upon listening, for now…

Stream “enjoy the silence” below:

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