Under The Radar #1

Six hidden gems by six promising artists that have gone under the radar

Teaming up with Music Mukbang, our new series Under The Radar puts the spotlight on six hidden gems by six promising artists. Dive in to discover tracks that may have slipped past your radar but are definitely worth your attention.

Lisl — “A Little Lost”

German newcomer Lisl recently caught our attention with her stunning debut single, “A Little Lost”. The indie pop track is built over a vibrant production and delves into the universal theme of feeling lost.

Kelsey Laine — “Zulay”

Kelsey Laine, the Cuban-Honduran American singer-songwriter based in LA, is a hidden gem worth discovering. Her latest single, “Zulay” not only highlights her knack for creating catchy tunes but also features lyrics that will connect with listeners. Keep an eye on this promising artist who deserves more attention!

Nolan Barba — “black ice”

Hailing from Tennessee, Nolan Barba boasts an exceptionally distinctive sound. His debut EP birdhouse takes you through hometown relationships, love and anxiety all set to a comforting backdrop. Check out his current release, “black ice”.

foxxdye — “inmyhead”

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the newly-formed band foxxdye recently dropped their latest single, “inmyhead”. The track effortlessly combines meaningful lyrics with catchy melodies, firmly establishing them as one of the most promising new bands to keep an eye on.


Not much is known about Andy Land, but his anthemic post-punk-meets-lo-fi indie rock track, “SPIRITS IN MY LIVING ROOM” has found a prominent place in our personal playlists.

Stillharley x Jude Malloy — “in too deep”

Jude Maloy splits his time between Nashville and New York City, and is known for combining multiple genres. His latest song, “in too deep”, a collaboration with stillharley, showcases a catchy chorus and deeply relatable lyrics.

Featured Image: Lisl

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