TRIOMPHE Unveils New Single “How Many X”

“How Many X” is the magnificent new single by Rotterdam-based rapper-singer TRIOMPHE.

As more and more artists combine multiple genres to create their own unique sound, we’re struggling to categorise certain releases. Enter Rotterdam-based artist TRIOMPHE, an artist known for infusing styles such as new soul, hip-hop and pop, who has unveiled a stunning alternative R&B record with sprinkles of electronic pop. “How Many X” takes a look at some challenging and detrimental encounters caused by toxic relationships and blurry visions. From start to finish, the emerging artist impresses with smooth vocals over a compelling production. However, it’s the catchiness of the song that really draws you in as you continue listening.

“Listening to it now makes me feel like it’s a responding call to the universe; telling everyone I’m ready. When you think about it.. life can only be understood backwards, it must be lived forwards”TRIOMPHE.

Stream “How Many X” below:

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