Top 100 Songs of 2020: 4

These are our favourite songs of 2020 — at number 4 is “Wifey” by NATWEAVES.

After finding success as a model, LA-based singer, songwriter and producer NATWEAVES built her own music studio in her basement in 2016, and since then she’s been writing, producing and recording her own music. In 2020 she released two singles; “Worth It” and the excellent “Wifey”, which is our fourth favourite release of the year. With its refreshing 90’s vibe and its captivating production by Alex Weatherspoon which flawlessly combines multiple genres such as indie, pop, R&B and electronic music with sprinkles of UK Garage, NATWEAVES delivered an alluring vocal performance with an infectious hook to create one of the most slept on and best songs we’ve heard this year. In a year where concerts, festivals and clubs were either cancelled or closed for obvious reasons, “Wifey” became our go-to song in our Zoom parties with friends and socially distanced gatherings with family and friends in our social bubble. We hope to hear more music from NATWEAVES in 2021.

“In times like this to be able to create and provide a small glimmer of normalcy to my peers during an incredibly tough time is my motivation”NATWEAVES.

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Photo Credit: David Camarena

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