tmdistant — west end wedding

tmdistant unveils stunning new single “west end wedding”

Essex-based alternative artist tmdistant is a true definition of; don’t judge a book by its cover. Looks wise, he looks like an artist associated with rap/hip-hop music— his trademark black shades has drawn comparisons to UK drill artist Unknown T. But the 20 year-old often catches people by surprise with his music which infuses indie, pop, alternative and electronic.

Today, he’s unveiled his new single “west end wedding”, another captivating track that will have listeners coming back for more, as well as connect with the lyrics. Built over a stunning production by Song Higginson, the alternative riser recalls a previous romance and muses about what might have transpired had the relationship taken a different turn. Now he has to watch this person he once loved and cared about be in a relationship with someone that mistreats them.

“This is my depiction of waiting for someone and they don’t see you how you see them, it’s the romanticisation of wanting someone that doesn’t want you. Some, if not all of us can agree that there has been a time in our lives when we’ve chased someone and they go to anyone and everything else other than you. On top of that you watch them be mistreated while you sit back and think to yourself that you would’ve been the better person for them.”tmdistant.

Stream “west end wedding” below:

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Photo Credit: Lee Cox

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