tmdistant — vivid memories of dreams i’ve never had [EP]

Emerging alternative artist tmdistant releases impressive debut EP ‘vivid memories of dreams i’ve never had’ + shares focus track “hush your mouth!”

Having released standout tracks like “got a lot on my chest” and “looking for another place to stay”, Essex, UK-based alternative artist tmdistant ventures into uncharted musical territories with his impressive debut EP vivid memories of dreams i’ve never had.

Blending indie rock and post-punk with gritty, grunge-infused guitars, the EP draws inspiration from bands like Deftones, Linkin Park, and Korn, and takes listeners on a journey through his personal experiences.

Produced by Abare and Song Higginson, and featuring two emerging artists, priestess and YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB, the anticipation for the EP has been nothing short of electric. In the space of a week, the 21-year-old has managed to get airplay on BBC Radio 1, do his first live radio interview on BBC Essex, and last night, packed out one of London’s most renowned venues, Colours Hoxton.

With dreamy-shoegaze tracks like “these are some thoughts i had recently”, and “grow into the blossoms”, vivid memories of dreams i’ve never had is a daring and ambitious project, showcasing tmdistant’s evolution as an artist unafraid to explore new sonic landscapes.

“This EP is my first body of work and I’ve given it my all, these songs will find their audience and the people that appreciate them on its own. It’s not for everyone but everyone who gives it a chance will love it. There’s some raw emotion in there so be prepared for some deep thoughts while you’re listening. I always try to write things that will evoke some real emotion out of people and I think I did it with this one. Overall it’s my best work to date and I hope it will be a project of mine that will outlive me.”tmdistant.

Stream the EP below:

Watch “hush your mouth!” visualiser” below:

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