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tmdistant cries out for “help” on gut-wrenching new single

20 year-old alternative emerging artist tmdistant kicks off the new year with the gut-wrenching new single “help”. The hard-hitting rock-infused track explores themes of depression and personal challenges the burgeoning musician has gone through in recent years. The chorus’ use of the word “hell”, will likely strike a chord with listeners who have become detached and disillusioned by their surroundings and are in need of assistance to escape their mental hole.

“Sometimes I feel like this song was a cry out to God. Sometimes I feel like it was a cry out to anyone for a shoulder to lean on. I wrote this at a point in my life a few years ago where I was so lonely and scared of the future and scared of everything around me thus why I singdeliver me from this hell”. There is so much for you to unpack from this song. I feel like people who listen to this will be able to sing/scream this through their crying phases all the way into getting through it. I made this song sad alone at 5am but now I sing it 2 years later with a smile on my face knowing I made it through the trials and tribulations.” — tmdistant

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