Tm & Remy Thrive Through Adversity On Debut EP ‘Under The Bus’

Teenage alt-rap duo Tm & Remy thrive through adversity on debut EP Under The Bus.

Growing up as a teenager in and around London can be a challenge for many. Having set their scene alight with their HEN$HAW-assisted debut single “Sirens” last year, Tm & Remy ended 2019 being one of the most frowned upon acts in their underground scene. While dealing with college work, staying safe around London and their deteriorating mental health, the duo went back to the drawing board and began crafting new material to release. Despite many plans being cancelled due to the global pandemic, they both remained focused on their goal; prove doubters wrong with their music.

This has led to the release of their debut EP titled Under the Bus, which came about when their manager felt they were underdogs and unappreciated compared to others in their scene. Then the term ‘thrown under the bus’ came to Remy Saint’s head and he shortened it to Under The Bus. The 8-track EP features previously released singles such as the emotionally-driven tracks “Holding On” and “Through The Rain”, as well as standout tracks “Rakitić” and “Spark” which features friend and longtime collaborator HEN$HAW. Showcasing their versatility and significant improvement from last year, the dynamic duo flow effortlessly on drill, alt-rap, cloud rap and pop rap productions to create a solid body of work—they both pour their emotions throughout as they touch on topics such as loss, heartbreak, mental health and love with deeply personal lyricism, while exuding confidence on opening track “Rakitić”

“We felt like we had been underrated and forgotten about for such a long period of time, thus explaining the reason we gave ourselves the self-proclaimed title of being the best duo in the scene in the opening song ‘Rakitić’. Remy and I used this compilation of music to show the versatility we bring to the table. Inspiration wise, we delve into our own past experiences and poured out our emotions into each song we wrote so that the audience can see our minds and understand us on a deeper level. With this little project of ours we hope to show the public despite what people say, you can do more than one thing” tmdistant

On “Would You?”, they link up with frequent collaborator Tom Did It, which gives listeners a closer look at how their mental health was when people turned their backs on them. With production by the likes of Redfern, 6sezen, Beck Beatz, Boyfifty and Tom Did It, Under The Bus is a solid debut by an act we’ve been closely working with under our management division Nü Inc. Sound for the past year and a half. There is no doubt this EP is a soundtrack for outsiders, people who don’t fit in and one that will kickstart Tm & Remy’s music careers as two artists with great potential.

“We’ve been talking about making an EP for a while and it was in late August when we started compiling songs from all of our sounds to make this one body of work that showcases multiple sounds and demonstrates our potential in all these different genres of music. Me and Tm since weve started music, have never confined ourselves to one genre as we love to explore different sounds with our music and always experimenting with what we can do new. As for inspirations we used ourselves and our experiences in the past to make this EP and we didnt really look towards other artists or people for inspirations as we believe our experiences are more authentic to our listeners then taking from others. With this EP we really hope people can see that you as a person don’t always have to stick with one thing but can explore and discover new things that interest you and to stay true to your emotions as this EP is an emotionally packed body of work, that we hope everyone who listens will get that message and enjoy”Remy Saint.

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