tiny deaths Delivers Outstanding New Single “The Jump”

LA dream-pop artist tiny deaths delivers outstanding new single “The Jump”, the third single off her upcoming EP If I’m Dreaming.

After spending most of the night listening to new submissions, we’re pleased to announce we’ve been introduced to a music project we never knew existed until today. tiny deaths is the moniker of singer-songwriter Claire de Lune, who teams up with producer Grant Cutler to deliver one of the best songs you’ll hear this year. “The Jump” is built over a thumping bass heavy production and explores the negative side of fame. de Lune’s vocal performance is both haunting and breathtaking— with her background in R&B and Cutler’s experience in the world of experimental music, both vocals and the compelling production effortlessly match to create a memorable song which has an important message that many need to hear. With its atmospheric vibe and infectious hook, “The Jump” is a refreshing take on the dream-pop genre, and one with replay value.

Stream “The Jump” below:

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