These Are Our Favourite Songs of 2020 So Far…

It’s been an unpredictable year, but we’ve been blessed with some amazing music this year.

Although the first half of 2020 has been one of the most challenging period we’ve faced in decades, there has been a plethora of amazing music released which has made it easier for us to cope during quarantine. In these difficult times music is as meaningful as ever— from the excellent “LOVE ME HARD” by the highly underrated Elley Duhé, to Pa Salieu’s mighty introduction with “Frontline” and Cinzia & the Eclipse’s powerful “Don’t Call Me Up”, we’ve been blessed with songs that have comforted us, given us hope and even challenged us at times. These are our favourite songs of 2020 so far…

àB — First Place

Elley Duhé — LOVE ME HARD

Shaker — Out of Love

Santino Le Saint — Loaded

12AM — Drugs (I Feel Like Dying)

Juice Menace — Money Dance

Derek Pope — Up Up and Away

Wesley Joseph x Monks — Martyrs

FRVRFRIDAY — 100 Rounds

DeathbyRomy — Kiss Me Goodbye

Eli Sostre — New Level

Haley Smalls — Body High

Lo Lauren — Just Friends

Cinzia & The Eclipse — Don’t Call Me Up

Kevin George — Changes

Teflon Sega — Demons on the Side of My Bed

K-SI Yang — 4 me

Òlah Bliss — We Only Live Once

SIIGHTS — Blue Skies

Tom Did It x HEN$HAW — That’s Enough


Talitha — Fine on My Own

Dounia — Mint Tea Freestyle

Brevin Kim — i need water

Gravity Circus — Shuteye

tmdistant — In the Dark


Fabian Secon — Everything

Fia Moon — better days

Mehki Raine — RARRI

Pa Salieu — Frontline


benny mayne — THE WORST

pre kai ro — Glo Up

Abare x Pink Nois — Nobody

TS Graye — Wrong One


CatchTwentyTwo — U Didn’t Let Me Know

Alfie Crews x Max Tuohy — Spaced Out

Lottery Odds — Can’t Sleep

Featured image: Elley Duhé

LEOBLU — backlash