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Thandie Bomvu Opens Up On New Song “Love”

19 year-old London-based R&B/Soul singer-songwriter Thandie Bomvu has already caught the attention of A&R’s on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and has been building a loyal fan base thanks to her highly regarded debut release Deja Vu, a demo exclusively released on SoundCloud last month. Despite all the attention, the singer of French and South African descent has remained focused, crafting song after song for her upcoming project. “Love” is her second release, another SoundCloud exclusive for her fans — she showcases her immense potential with another outstanding vocal performance over a more upbeat production.

“I’m really bad with affection, feelings, commitment…all of that. And I’m really young so I’d never really had to confront those problems I didn’t even know I had. Until I had to deal with them all at once. I wrote “Love” in the passenger seat of my aunties car. I told her about another stupid issue I was causing in my relationship with my now ex. She was going on about how I have all types of issues. Daddy issues, mommy issues, trust issues bla-bla-bla. It all obviously went way over my head. Until she said “why is it so hard for you to admit you’re in love ?” And boom. Love is basically the click, it’s everything I would’ve wanted to tell him. Kind of an apology song.The beat is by J Grooves. And the song was recorded in my living room, mixed and mastered by the amaaaazing MJ Bodson / Fatlip. It’s unlike any of my other songs. A real upbeat happy love song” — Thandie Bomvu.

Listen to “Love” below: