Talitha Shares Infectious New Single “Fine On My Own”

Milton Keynes-based singer-songwriter Talitha shares infectious new single “Fine On My Own”.

All around creative and emerging singer-songwriter Talitha doesn’t release music as often as other up and coming artists around, but when she does, those songs leave a lasting impression on listeners. For someone who has bounced back from heartbreak and depression, taking breaks from music has given Talitha the opportunity to have a more positive outlook in life and her music career.

On her new single “Fine On My Own”, she sounds more confident and composed than previous releases as she sings about her escape from a toxic relationship. Although the content of the song is personal and dark, she sings in such a melodic way, giving the song replay value thus connecting with listeners. Where most emerging singers struggle, (especially here within the UK), her beat selection is second to none— she delivers an alluring vocal performance over the Young Taylor-produced track. If you’ve also removed yourself from a toxic situation, press play and turn the volume up, this ones for you.

“Nothing feels better than removing yourself from a toxic situation. At first, it might be hard especially if it’s something or someone that you’re used to. Change is never easy and I’ve been guilty of becoming content or giving excuses one after the other as to why I should stay and it’s cost me time and peace I’ll never get back. ‘Fine On My Own’ is a song about empowerment, freedom and being honest with yourself about where you went wrong. It’s not a song for you to not feel bad about putting yourself first— you shouldn’t feel guilty for cutting toxic people out of your life. When folks listen to it, I want them to feel empowered to let go of things/people that don’t promote or protect their peace. You need to tell yourself and remind yourself, you’ll get through this and you’ll be ‘Fine on your own’” — Talitha.

Stream “Fine On My Own” below:

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