TALIA — Running

Caribbean-American artist TALIA shares emotional new single “Running”

When you truly love someone, it never really stops even if you’re not together. TALIA’s stunning emotionally-driven new single “Running” is a break-up song with a twist— it’s a song about loving the other person so much that you’ll wait forever for them to come back to you. It’s also a song that instantly connected with me as I have been in the same position as her, and I’m sure it’ll connect with many listeners too.

TALIA’s songwriting and vocal ability are seasoned beyond her years. She showcases her talent by delivering an emotional tale of love and longing. Her silky vocals flow sweetly over the captivating production by Danny Ross. Overall, “Running” is a beautifully-written song, TALIA’s vulnerability and intimate vocals create a dreamy atmosphere.

Stream “Running” below:

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Photo Credit: josefine

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