Sultans Court — Autopilot

Berlin-based band Sultans Court release stunning new single “Autopilot”

Taken from their forthcoming EP Everything’s Fine which is due out in January 2024, Berlin-based band Sultans Court make their DNü debut with their stunning new single “Autopilot”.

They expertly blend a vintage touch into their sound, detailing themes of helplessness and estrangement within a relationship. The track is rich with intricate nuances and exudes a dynamic quality reminiscent of the pioneer of modern psych-rock, Tame Impala.

Overall, Sultans Court will impress music lovers with their sound which seamlessly combines synth-rock and R&B with elements of soul to create a mesmeric sound that instantly sticks with listeners.

“With ‘Autopilot,’ we aimed to create an authentic sound, consciously embracing imperfections in contrast to the modern music landscape. It’s a direction we’re proud to explore.”Sultans Court.

Stream “Autopilot” below:

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Photo Credit: Jeanette Friedrich

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