Stream Sevdaliza’s New Album ‘Shabrang’

Iranian-Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Sevdaliza releases outstanding second album Shabrang.

Known for combining genres such as electronic music, alternative R&B, trip hop, alternative pop and avant-pop, Iranian-Dutch singer, songwriter and producer Sevdaliza has released a masterpiece well worth a listen. Shabrang is an outstanding album that demands the majority of your attention— one that should be listened to from start to finish without skipping.

“Shabrang is a depiction of functioning in my soul, like watching life happening in front of you and not for you. Always trying to return to the light, I shift between hope, faith and fear/dystopia. I feel privileged yet misunderstood. The underdog”Sevdaliza.

Watch the music video for “Habibi” below:

Stream Shabrang below:

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