spiderblush — needs (i like)

spiderblush embraces her emotions and feelings in “needs (i like)”

While spiderblush may not be a household name as of now, her musical allure and substance undoubtedly mark her as a rising star in 2024. With a sonic palette resembling a kaleidoscope, she adeptly manoeuvres through various styles within each track. Yet, it’s the finesse of her songwriting that acts as the glue, effortlessly uniting the diverse elements into a harmonious whole.

In her latest offering, “needs (i like)”, spiderblush delivers a captivating ambient vibe. Effortlessly blending elements of indie, alternative, pop, and a touch of shoegaze, she crafts a satisfying track that speaks to indecisive listeners in search of confidence. The song’s catchy allure is a testament to her ability to weave together diverse influences into a seamless and resonant musical experience.

“This song deals with the constant worry that I’m not feeling things correctly, that I’m not feeling what I’m supposed to. While writing it, I just wanted to feel confident in feeling strongly instead of being indecisive.”spiderblush.

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