Sophie Castillo — In My Mind

London-based artist Sophie Castillo unveils captivating new single “In My Mind”

There’s so many hidden gems in London that continue to go unnoticed or stay under the radar. We try our best to post as many talented unsigned and emerging artists we discover that create the style of music we love. Today, we’d like to introduce you to West London-based musician Sophie Castillo. Born to a Colombian mother and Cuban father, the London-born artist creates alternative pop music with elements of indie, R&B and disco with a Latin twist. She combines her intercontinental inspirations singing in both English and Spanish, and often tackling the topics of love, the self, and the spiritual.

Her latest offering “In My Mind” is a captivating track that effortlessly combines disco, pop and R&B. The song explores the feelings of wanting to run away and reinvent yourself, and searching for your true identity amongst the chaos of love and life. Although it’s an emotionally-driven song, its production has this uplifting vibe that makes you believe you’re going to figure what you want and eventually reinvent yourself— and, it makes you want to dance. With its universal appeal and replay value, “In My Mind” is a song Sophie Castillo should be very proud of. Add this gem to your playlists.

FFO: Desta French, Delilah Holliday, KUČKA etc.

Stream “In My Mind” below:

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Photo Credit: Elise Matilda

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