Soane Shares Impressive New Single “Xx”

New York-based, French-Moroccan artist Soane shares impressive new single “Xx”.

Emerging artist Soane is known for blending soulful R&B and hip-hop into a raw and emotional experience. Her latest release “Xx” is a perfect example of that. Soane’s vocal performance is breathtaking as she sings about self-worth, a sentiment many listeners will be able to relate to, over a trap-infused production capable of shaking a room and turning heads. “Xx” is truly a stunning track with replay value which showcases both her alluring voice and songwriting ability. Soane could soon be following in the footsteps of Lolo Zouaï, another French artist who has found success in the US. Press play.

“This song is about knowing your worth and choosing to focus on yourself first… knowing time brings change and great moments still await you”Soane.

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Photo Credit: Crüse

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