SIIGHTS Release Self-Titled Debut EP

Rising electro pop duo SIIGHTS have finally released their self-titled debut EP featuring new single “Blue Skies”.

As many people stay home to try to slow down the pace at which the COVID-19 disease goes through the population, we’re being blessed with new music from some of our favourite artists. However, according to reports, music streaming is reportedly declining — which is quite surprising. The world is need of emotionally-driven music right now, music we can all relate to. There are people out there who won’t see their family, partners or friends for a while. SIIGHTS‘ self-titled debut EP is a blessing in disguise for many music lovers.

The EP already features the previously released and outstanding singles “Shoulda Been”, “One More”, and “Better Now” — they’re all vibrant songs with a lot of replay value and they have melancholic undertones which can bring tears to your eyes. The final song “Blue Skies” is another tearjerker and most probably the best track on the EP. The vocal performance is once again spot on, the emotion that comes through is both pure and real, and the song is built over a guitar-infused electronic pop production that develops into a beautiful slowed down euphoric beat with summery vibes. Despite the emotional tones throughout the EP, the overall vibe of SIIGHTS’ music has the ability to bring joy to the most miserable person. They make music that makes you find happiness even if you’re in a miserable situation. Press play.

“This song means a lot to us and was hard to write. We wrote it about some of what you feel and experience after losing someone close to you. We have both lost people close to us and it’s something that stays with you forever. We brought all our gear down to a country house in Wicklow to write and record this EP — Blue Skies really came together so naturally. There’s a actually a recurring quite hypnotic guitar riff that happens multiple times throughout the track which was never initially supposed to be in the track. Mia had just been playing around and we left the mics recording and we ended up using it and it became quite a feature in the production in the end”SIIGHTS.

Stream their debut EP below:

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