SHEARS Returns With New Single “When You’re Around”

Edinburgh-based artist SHEARS returns with new single “When You’re Around”, taken from her debut EP.

Although London seems to be the main focus when it comes to UK music, the talent up north or in Scotland to be precise has either been on the same level or superior in terms of originality and quality. Edinburgh-based SHEARS is one of Scotland’s most promising artists, known for her electronic centred pop music combined with a dark edge. She returns with the captivating new single “When You’re Around” taken from her debut EP, accompanied by a dark and disconcerting music video.

“I wrote when you’re around about staying with someone just to have another person around, and accepting that it’s okay to be alone. When you have that person around, you lose a sense of who you are. Things have changed a lot since I wrote it, and although I know lots of people struggle with loneliness, I do still believe it’s a good thing to take time for yourself”SHEARS.

“When You’re Around” is brilliant from start to finish, SHEARS’ vocal performance floats beautifully over the elusive Glasgow-based producer Dunt’s lush production. Its infectious catchy chorus will resonate with many listeners, and its dark vibe is perfect for this time of the year— Halloween season baby. Press play.

Stream “When You’re Around” below:

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Fresh Sounds [12/04/2024]