Santino Le Saint Shares Visuals For “You Make Me Selfish”

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Santino Le Saint is one of the most exciting emerging acts in the world, he recently released the first single off his upcoming mixtape. “You Make Me Selfish” is another gem from a young man whose secretly developing his own unique and fresh alternative R&B sound with impressive guitar solos.

“You Make Me Selfish is about blaming your negative personality and relationship traits on your compelling love for your partner. Jealously, Possessiveness, Selfishness – all things that you feel because of your partners behaviour and saying that it’s their fault you’re like this. It’s about when you’re so in love with someone that you’re scared to get fucked over and so they make you only think completely about yourself. They make you selfish”Santino Le Saint.

Watch the music video for “You Make Me Selfish” below:

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