Samuel Jack Bares His Soul On “In My Head”

London born singer Samuel Jack spent his formative years in Johannesburg, South Africa with his father, a film director. He was raised on Blues, Motown and Roots music, which has helped him develop into a unique and emotive storyteller with a breathtaking soulful voice. His new single “In My Head” is inspired by his own experiences with mental health, a topic very close to his heart.

“For me, I struggled with depression and anxiety – and in my eyes, despite having a history of mental health issues in my family – I’m certain my issues were born through situation and subsequently has come to affect every aspect of my life. Romantic relationships, professional ones; it really took hold of me” Samuel Jack.

Jack bares his soul on this beautifully-sung and emotionally-driven record — as a listener you instantly connect with every single word he sings. He considers himself somewhat of a ‘mental health survivor’, he’s learnt how to successfully live with it, emerging stronger than ever before.

Listen to “In My Head” below:

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