Sage Charmaine — Pill Party

Sage Charmaine speaks to her generation on new single “Pill Party”

With previous captivating singles such as “Always Drowning” and “Thru Hell”, emerging singer-songwriter Sage Charmaine is already becoming one of our favourite artists. Known for blending alternative pop with trap and emo elements, she’s back with another impressive single “Pill Party”, a thoroughly enjoyable song to listen to that has a deeper meaning. She speaks to her generation with emotionally-driven lyrics but yet apathetic about drugs and partying— making it her most vulnerable release thus far.

“Pill Party is a complex song for me – it’s about feeling trapped inside yourself and not knowing how to get out. During times like these, I know myself and many others find it hard to not self-medicate so I wanted to write a song about exactly that, for us”Sage Charmaine.

Stream “Pill Party” below:

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