safesp8ce — quiet, i can’t think

London-based alternative artist safesp8ce unleashes stunning debut single “quiet, i can’t think”

Having spent almost a year teasing music on TikTok, London-based newcomer safesp8ce has finally released her much anticipated debut single “quiet, i can’t think”. She effortlessly combines multiple genres like emo, garage and nu metal with sprinkles of drum and bass to create one of the most outstanding tracks you’ll hear this year.

Lyrically, the song has emotional undertones expertly touching on autism overstimulation which instantly connected with people that first heard the snippet a few months ago, and will continue to connect with more people as the single reaches more people.

She delivers a dreamlike vocal performance that matches perfectly with Dan Holloway’s captivating production— both brilliantly showcasing their talent as well as their immense potential.

Stream “quiet, i can’t think” below:

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