Rufus — One Eye Open

Newcomer Rufus shines on debut single “One Eye Open”

Hailing from a small Wiltshire village in the southwest of England, singer, songwriter and producer Rufus has unveiled his glorious debut single “One Eye Open”— a track which effortlessly combines R&B, and alt-pop with sprinkles of trap music.

Lyrically, the song is about staying focused, and having total belief in yourself no matter what bad vibes are sent your way. Rufus delivers captivating and infectious melodies throughout, truly showcasing his immense potential. The music video directed by Ivano Barcellona unlocks another element of the song by offering up an interesting dichotomy we all face of becoming the machine version of ourselves that gets the job done with precision versus being the mere mortal version that makes mistakes and is not always disciplined. Although the UK produces amazing talents all the time, not many of them standout like Rufus. Keep your eyes on him.

Late in 2019, some people I was associated with pulled some weird moves on me, and wrongly or rightly, I felt they took me for granted, it left me feeling confused and pissed off. Shortly after that, I put a melody/track idea together and wrote the lyric with Jermaine and Justin from Black Saint and ‘One Eye Open’ was born. This song was instrumental in me securing my deal with TAPE and so it means a lot to me, it was also pretty much the first time I was doing music on my own and forging my own sound. Even though the song was written from a place of negativity, I turned those negative feelings into a positive as well as a banging song that allowed me to really reclaim my spirit” — RUFUS.

Stream “One Eye Open” below:

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Photo Credit: PassTheLens

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