Rightfield — Baby

Rising rock-pop duo Rightfield drop new single “Baby”

Consisting of longtime friends Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher, pop-rock duo Rightfield was formed around five years ago in their dormitory at University of Arkansas. And since then, they have amassed millions of streams on Spotify, and a catalog of what they call “intimate bangers,” songs that could rev up an arena and also keep everyone happy at a backyard cookout.

Their latest offering “Baby” was constructed to an old school hip-hop drum machine loop. Once the vocals were recorded, the construction of the instrumental was very inspired in the moment. The song has this nostalgic vibe, that may remind millennial listeners of the Summers they had as kids and teenagers growing up before social media took over most of our lives. Beautifully-written, gorgeous vocals and a captivating production, “Baby” is a feel-good song worth a listen, and an addition to your playlists.

“Baby is all about the slower parts of when Summer rolls around. It’s about being outside in the still of the night and feeling content with where you’re at and who you’re with. Enjoying the ordinary present and feeling gratitude for being alive in that moment”Rightfield.

Stream “Baby” below:

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Photo Credit: bryce glenn

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